Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Midweek. Well, technically anyway. Un-technically it's only the second day of the week, and semi second-last day cuz Friday's a half day.

But still. MID-WEEK!!!

And about 93 essays and 98 compres to go, whoopee.

Band pract yesterday was pretty cool. I actually felt like I was jamming. Which is rare, in ymm *grinz. But I wuv you kids anyway. Yes, KIDS. My sources tell me you say I'm old. So KIDS you are :p (19 going on 20, by the way is NOT old. *scowl.)

This week is gonna be long. But is turning out fine, albeit expensive. Heh. $15 for a ticket to the zoo! And then almost $10 for the cab back to ang mo kio. And dinner tonight, although that's an expense I can live with :) Band tomorrow! Whoop. I forsee bad withdrawal symptoms in the near future, sigh. And YMM on Friday. Then cycling at ecp on Sat with the DTs (haha doesn't that seem so long ago?) followed by a CAR WASH at olps, then, if I can rush down in time, Shane's gig. And Sunday? Band in the afternoon again.

I love how my weeks revolve around making music.

I don't love so much though how my weeks seem to end before they actually begin (though I can't seem to wait for the weekend) without me doing the extra things I want to, like sign up for those darn salsa lessons, and reading the new Scott Hahn book my dad got me, and going down to the Esplanade to catch a lunchtime concert, and going blading every week so I finally learn how to STOP, and going to check out the gym in the new SIA club...ok THAT i'm gonna do tomorrow afternoon.

And I vaguely remember borrowing this book on quantum mechanics. I think it's overdue. Long overdue. Whoops.

Like a ballerina in a breakdancer's crowd.

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shane said...

anyone who needs sources to tell her she's old, really IS old =D

and yes rush rush rush. take a cab if you have to, I'll reimburse you! maybe.