Sunday, May 14, 2006

a wrinkle in time

mrs whosit, mrs whatsit, and i don't remember who the last mrs is.

this is going to be a pretty morose post, just so you know.

it's pretty depressing, you see, hearing about people getting overseas scholarships and stuff. and while you're very grateful for those you have, you still wonder why you weren't even given a shot. and you wonder if it's all part of a Plan, and if you should just stop trying so hard, swallow what you've got with a smile (because really, it's pretty good) and forget about the dream.

and on a seperate note, it's really depressing to see God-fearing people lose their focus, get sidetracked by the high, the success, the glamour of an idea, and shift perspective so that God is no longer the central tenet and overarching focus and goal (not just theme - how can Yahweh be a theme.) to their plan.

and to see the potential of that happening to yourself.

Fr. Paul gave a brilliant homily today. Holy anger, he called it. Blessed, blessed anger. "The Da Vinci Code" isn't just a book. It's an attack on my Faith. And the next person who tells me "but it makes a good read what", is going to have to sit down and listen to me explain, patiently and clearly, why it's a bunch of lies...and if you would refuse to hear someone insult your mother without stopping him/her, why shouldn't I refuse to hear someone insult my Father and His Son without retaliation? In more pragmatic terms, if you have the right to insult my Faith, I have the right to defend it.

made a sojourn to Chinatown on thursday. had much to say then, but too tired to talk about it today. tomorrow, maybe. just so you know though, it's a pretty damn cool place. i could have spent the ENTIRE day there.

Leaning, eyes half-closed, mind adrift.
Your masculinity looms over me
as you, stranger, use the wall behind me as a pivot point,
inclining your head so our eyes meet.
And thus you step out, and forever away...

But we hold our gaze.

Chinatown, 11 May 2006

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