Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Vocabulary Quiz

Two days ago I set a quiz for the kids. Based on about 70 words they were supposed to study over the last two weeks. Before giving it to them, I sent it to a couple of friends for feedback on how do-able it was. Here are some of (Shane's) answers:

1. The best way to do well in GP is to read ______________ (desiring or consuming great quantities, adj.)

Shane's Answer: Pornographic magazines.

3. Give an example of a paradox:

S.A: Singapore Elections

4. To plead urgently for aid or mercy:

S.A: Singapore Elections

7. An idiom meaning promising at the start but then disappointing:

S.A: Singapore Elections

8. If one is described as 'a man of few words', what is one word which can describe him?

S.A: retarded.

It goes on, in like fashion. Funny boy.

My kids were decidedly less amusing, but probably more accurate. Gonna miss those I won't teach next term.

Disclaimer: Shane's answers do NOT reflect the author's opinions (esp. wrt Elections.)


wanni said...

Can a man of few words be concise rather than introverted?

livestone said...

yup. he could also be laconic.

Shane said...

or retarded...

it makes sense, c'mooon!