Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sub Rosa

Literally, under the rose - an ancient symbol of secrecy.

Which is what's really lacking in a blog i guess. But there are some things that need to be said.

Like how much I miss everybody. My KC classmates. juniors. the baka family. My councillors. 03 batch school mates. My YA. My cat class. The 03-04 Guitar Club. Laurel and Hardy. Talking with people who connect with you on a more than 'friend' level. Kindred Spirits. Random hugs and surprise rugby tackles. Over-euphimistic declarations of eternal disownment and reluctant grins. Being able to break down, because there was actually someone there to break down on.

I suppose it really WAS my choice. A choice i don't regret. But it's hard, and although i'll never admit it to anyone else, life doesnt always rock.