Saturday, April 29, 2006


The one day I don't go for band practice, the rascals up and go to Siglap Cartel, and GUESS WHO THEY BUMP INTO?!



Next door, having supper with aaron and ps, in coffee club.


Don't let me catch you saying God doesn't have a sense of humour. He's pulled several on me this week. Growl.


wanni said...

Nope, God says do not IDOLize.

livestone said...

growl. EH why aren't you ever online when I need you? i need to check if this short story I have on my comp is done by you or me. hahaha.

jessica said...

Jessica here..

Val. tell me about it. I walked to the traffic light and went home.. cartel was just like THERE.
anyway.. he's simply Taufik...
a singer.. good one^^
whatever lala.. see you on friday..^^ tata! btw.. I LOVE YOUR VOCABULARY

shane said...

oh come on! It's just Taufik. I wish I was there just so I could throw water on him and rip him up like how I do to all the posters of him I see and how I always hide his albums somewhere when I see them in record stores so no one will see and purchase them.

He's just an average joe who got lucky in a voting competition. If you want to meet all average joes who get lucky in voting competitions, the elections are right around the corner ;)