Friday, June 30, 2006

No I did not suddenly become computer literate and upload this from my non-existent digital camera. I got it from mrbrown.

Two WHAT better?! I see it everyday at the chai chee bus stop. And it annoys the hell out of me. It's blatent innuendo which is so stark obvious it doesn't even COUNT as innuendo.

And then they wonder why our kids don't seem too innocent any more.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Comes with a health warning

Humour me.

I'm now going to see how many Abbey Road lyrics I can fit into a single, semi-intelligible paragrah:

Ohhhh darling, mean mr mustard should see polythene pam, in our little hideaway beneath the waves, because here comes bang bang maxwell's silver's alright. Once there was a way to get back hoooome, but I'm out of college, money spent, see no future, pay no rent, all that money gone there's no place to goooo...come together!

Oh gawd.

Ribena with cranberry makes me insensibly high. Wonder if they sell any at 7-11...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

for the rest of your lovely fluttery lacey little life.

My sister's prize insult of the day: "May you be blessed with no ability to do a math test for the rest of your lovely fluttery lacey little life."

You can tell the JCT blues have hit hard. Bwaha.

My blues...are floating at a comfortable distance for now.

I'm gonna stop running. Now.

Because I refuse to let fear rule me. And I refuse to not live.

And I'll stop rationalising everything too.

Although that would be tough.

Cuz I'm rationalising this as I'm typing.

The backspace key is a terrible option. An erasure of honest thoughts.

And I'm a hypocrite, because I deleted my previous, very honest post.

But hey. I'm just starting. Cut me some slack here.


Saturday, June 24, 2006


It's funny...

how, holding a bunch of colourful balloons on Orchard Road, you're suddenly the receipient of much attention, from kids and their smiling parents alike; once the balloons are all given out though, and all you have are the cards advertising the event, you're avoided like the plague by scowling parents pulling their children out of the way.

how just 22 minutes (we counted) with a bunch of my favouritest people can make your entire week. Adding to that the fact that they actually stopped my mum's car to convince her to let me go. Just for 22 minutes. And then walk me back. :)

how, within one afternoon, one's mood can swing from pensive to exhilarated, totally relaxed and at ease to tense and edgy.

how people who only have a shared experience in common still warm in the company of each other 3 years (gasp!) on.

how, when a 2 year dream is about to be actualised, it's not really excitement but a tinge of fear on anxiety one feels.

how at 12nn I decide that I realised I'm not really made for non-platonic relationships, and at 12.03pm I decide I take that back.

how someone I've known for years has become someone I don't know at all.

how the length of time you know a person doesn't affect in the slightest the amount of missing that will happen when the person's gone.

how I long for a deep relationship with one person, and yet never stick around long enough, emotionally, to let that happen.

how, when you ask me about this later, I'm gonna say I'm fine, really. And mean it.

Edit: Bf criteria has been cut down to 2. Emotionally stable and smarter than me. I need to look up to a guy in more ways than the one I have no choice with.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


First Best Friend: In Kindergarden? This boy. Bwaha.

First Nickname: Stinky :)

First Pet: AJ. This lovable mongrel, who died when he (and I) was 11 :(

First Piercing: First and only. Ears.

First Crush: Nick Carter. (Don't. I was only 10 :p)

First CD: The first BSB album. Bwaha. Again, I was TEN.

First Car: My parents drove me home from the hospital in a white toyota.

First Alcoholic Drink: White wine. On my 18th b'day. Heh.

First Kiss: Some things are best left unrecorded.

First Stuffed Animal: Jojo! This stuffed bear I gave my sister when she was born.

Last Alchoholic Beverage: A marguerita at The Iguana in Clarke Quay. On my dad's b'day.

Last Car Ride: Back home from church.

Last Movie Seen: X-men 3!!!

Last Phone Call: Eugene. Late.

Last Song Played: Praise Him :)

Last Meal: Dosai for supper.

Last Time In Love: Ohhh about a week ago.

Last Time You Cried: Yesterday. X-men. Jean. Wolverine. Bah.

Have you ever dated one of your best friends: Nope.

Have you ever skinny dipped: Whassat.

Have you ever been on TV: Yeah.

Have you ever been drunk: Nope. Like I told (several people tonight), what IS the point of being so drunk you don't REMEMBER being high?

Have you ever kissed someone, and then regretted it: Yeah.

Have you ever been stoned: As in on drugs? No, duh.

1) Favourite black skirt with pretty pink and white and green design
2) Peach blouse
3) Left pink earring
4) Right pink earring
5) Silver cross necklace
6) Erm. Underwear.
7) Does lip gloss count?

1) Checked my mail
2) Transcripted the Gloria (3 different versions)
3) Visited friend in hospital
4) Went for YMM practice
5) Played at Novena Mass
6) Blogged.

1) God
2) Toot
3) Jordon, though he might fall asleep halfway :p
4) Uh. The confessor.
5) My parents? Most stuff, anyway.

1) MUSIC! Playing the keyboards.
2) Loving and laughing. (Shane get your mind out of the gutter.)
3) Reading.
4) Just BEING.

1) Black or white: That's racist.

2) Hot or Cold: Cold in the day, hot at night.

3) Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate.

1) Fall in love, get married, and have 7 kids. Or become a nun. They're mutually exclusive, and I havn't quite decided. (Seriously.)
2) Teach the Faith.

Regretting anything at all.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


After a particularly frustrating day:

Me: I have shortened my boyfriend criteria.
1. Emotionally stable
2. Mentally stable
3. Spiritually stable

Shane: HAHAHAHAHHA realise that the only men who fit all that criteria are wearing robes and standing in front of altars?


p.s. Just to make Ryan happy: I went cycling with Ryan to east coast yesterday, yay! See? I do talk about you in my blog :p

Monday, June 12, 2006

It's been a long time (since I left you)

Time's a funny thing. While you're in it it mulches along, squishily...but when it's over it just never seems to have taken very long. That's how the last two weeks felt, anyhow.

All those things I wanted to blog about don't seem so important anymore. Either that or I've lost the ability to convey feelings to words. (which is, you know, bad.) I need to write.

And, random TJ councillors lurking, Council Day is on the 15th of July, 6.30 - 10pm. Details are on the way.

I'm beginning to enjoy Chaucer. Took me long enough. But everytime I really sit down and read, I remember why I love Lit. Love. Not like. Looove.

I know. This is choppy.