Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Today I will:

1. Finish ALL my marking

2. Get the venue for Council Day semi-almost-confirmed

3. Fill in the Visa application form

4. Send in the MOE letter

5. Start on the exercise plan (I will. Will lose 5kg by the end of the June Hols. WATCH ME.)

6. Clear up my cupboards (which are currently a mess and overflowing with clothes. I've got waaay too many college/KC t-shirts, but I can't bear to throw/give them away. Sigh.)

7. Get my study room re-organised

8. Brush Rascal

9. Get all my scores organised...I'm finding them in the strangest places

10. Get started on the first book of the reading list. The Bible. Whoop! *grinz.

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