Tuesday, April 04, 2006

God sends angels when you least expect them. And in the most wonderful ways. It's like a father teaching his kid how to cycle. He lets the kid go, even if the kid thinks she's gonna fall, lets her learn to strive on ahead anyway, and when she really is going to fall, he knows, and catches her. So that no matter how alone she thought she was, she could never have been safer. Or more lovingly and carefully watched over.

Even the sparrow.


Anonymous said...

Run along now ma peche, sleep until the morn.

Shane said...

this raises several challenging questions though...of...what if the kid was a he? And what if the dad was an amputee, and this unable to physically prevent the impending fall? And what if the chicken did not, in fact, cross the road, and was in fact an alien from the planet Transexxual in the galaxy of Transylvania who masked his malicious intentions by conjuring up a physical riddle which would leave humanity perplexed for centuries, thus distracted from the aliens' presence?

livestone said...