Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What are the chances?

"Vatican 'may relax condom rules'"

I doubt it. And I hope not. But I really doubt it. The Church's unlikely to give in to a culture of permissiveness and selfishness at this (or any) point.

Before I get lambasted for my medievial, conservative and probably 'narrow-minded' views, I have to state: I just don't get what's so hard about abstinence. I don't. Maybe it is, but I can't understand why.

Alright, that's probably because I've never been in a situation where I've wanted to jump someone to the point where not to do so would be denying my human-ness and vice versa, but still.

As for AIDS-sufferers...call me incapable of empathy and understanding, but isn't having sex, even with a condom, with someone not infected (or infected) the epitome of selfishness? Pleasure at the risk of another's suffering and death - even if the person knows what he/she's getting into. Besides, if someone can still get pregnant (accidentally of course) while her partner's using a condom, isn't the risk of HIV getting through so much more? A condom's not impenatratable. (*cringe. That was definitely for lack of a better word.)

Giving out condoms to teen boys isn't gonna solve any problem I can think of either. Including and especially 'unwanted pregnancies'. It just increases the risk. Kids aren't gonna think, oh, here's a condom, I need to be careful cuz I might get/make her pregnant. Noooo. It's probably more along the lines of oh yay here's a condom it's SAFE! Let's have more sex.


Besides, we aren't animals with uncontrollable instincts, as much as some scientists may like us to believe (ever wondered who their research was being sponsored by?) We're thinking beings, thinking being the operative word. I'm sure even the most uneducated society has figured out by now that if you have sex, chances are, you're gonna have babies.

Actually, now that I think about it, it's really the most 'educated' societies which have somewhat forgotten that. Sex doesn't quite equal babies anymore in most parts of the developed world, does it?

Aside from all that...I find the title of that article vaguely amusing. Like the Vatican has a rule book on condoms. Bwahaha. The closest we've got darls, is this book by Pope John Paul II called "The Theology of the Body". Which is a pretty good read I heard...should get down to reading it some time. But a rule book on condoms? Nahhhhhhh.


shane said...

you're just bitter at the lack of surfers serenading you with Proclaimers songs aren't you!

crazy spinster cat lady =P

livestone said...

Har de har har. :p

mark said...

There's very little left to satisfy pleasure in many of its forms. that leaves conquering something new. boundaries are made true but sometimes more leeway is wanted.