Sunday, February 05, 2006


so what am i, if i am not what i am

I actually had a lot to talk about. Then blogger loaded and my mind went blank. Maybe that has something to do with my glance to my unfinished psc essay, which I told myself I would finish before the end of the CNY holidays. Some time ago that was I think. Arghhh.

Anyway, I'm signing up for driving lessons tomorrow. Passed my btt last week, so next stop pdl. I love these acronyms.

Had a talk (well kind of) with a friend on what makes a person...well, a person. Or rather, what forms someone's identity. And I realised that, at least in the society we live in, a person's identity is very much molded by the category he is put in. I suppose I've always known that. The conversation just made it clearer. From the time we are kids we're told how we, as a category, should act. So kids in neighbourhood schools are supposed to be rougher and louder; girls from all-girls schools are supposed to be messed up, at least at some point in their lives; normal ac kids are supposed to have a chip on their shoulders; normal tech kids are hopeless and thus free to be delinquent; express kids should only have one aim, that is, jc and gep kids should only go to one jc. Maybe my perceptions are flawed, but this much is true. So many kids, up till now, when we're hardly kids anymore, are defined by who they were told they were at 9 and 12.

I'm too sleepy to finish this. Perhaps I'll pick it up again the next time I blog, perhaps not. For now, it's finish psc essay, look through reflections time. G'nite.

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za~ said...

you expressed yourself on the freedom of speech vs respect for religion thing beautifully. i share your exact sentiments but had no idea how to put them in words. but you did, you gp teacher you. =)

love always, your currently nauseous friend. if that's how you spell nauseous.