Monday, January 30, 2006

Things I noticed during CNY 2006

1. The roads are empty, other than the occasional car packed full of cheongsam/chinese motiff/generally red wearing 3 generational family, complete with maid(s).

2. The trains are empty, other than the occasional group of cheongsam/chinese motiff/generally red wearing 3 generational family, usually without maid(s).

3. The shopping malls are empty, aside from the lunch/in-between-visit-snack-break chionging clusters of somewhat cheongsam/chinese motiff/not always red wearing most of the time 2 generational (or young couple or group of friends) groups, almost always without maid(s).

4. The top floor of Tampines Mall, where GV is, is full. And all above-mentioned groups are well-represented. It was the first day of CNY! FAMILY VISITING people. Thanks to them I was stuck in the front row of the theatre watching I Not Stupid Too. Painful it was. The seat, not the movie. The boys have grown up quite nicely. And I cried. Having normal tech girls as friends make it all the more real.

You know, CNY is the one festival in Singapore which has the ability to make it effectively close down. It is only during CNY that I realise how majority the majority Chinese really is. Almost ALL my favourite stalls are closed, and the shopping malls are ghost towns. A little depressing, but I had people to visit too, so it wasn't too bad.

Talking about people to visit, I promised photos of my 3 new siblings, so here they are:

That's K, J and M, who are gonna kill me if and when they see this. *grin.

Of course there's more where that comes from (I'm under strict orders not to say exactly where that is). Think I'll just post a picture of the extended family.

I know the Youth Min is gonna revolutionise this year. And not just in our Church, but in churches everywhere.

It's the 2nd day of CNY, and I've done none of the things I told myself I'll do. I should just get started shouldn't I. Seeing that I'll be out most of tomorrow, and I anticipate a small distraction later today :p

Later then. Oh and nic, if you actually find this, leave a comment yeah? I havn't seen you in AGES.

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Frank Sinatra said...

you missed out the abundance of Indians in town too. Haha. Or at least the illusion of that, from the abscence of many chinese...