Friday, February 17, 2006

omg are you falling in love again?

That's my best friend's reply to an innocent question regarding the identity of one of the many people she has linked on her blog. I'm scandalized!!!! Was it really that obvious?

But the blog was written beautifully. If I could fall in love with words...and I could...but you know, that's what scares me. Blogs are all about facades and appearances. You can craft what you say, what you want people to know. What you're reading now - you've no way of knowing if this is just what I think, or what I want you to think I think, or what I think I want you to think I think - or even what I think about you.

Come to think of it, isn't that true in more and more situations? When everything is written down, and sent after an interim period which allows for thought (think sms, msn, email), EVERYTHING is crafted. Even speech if you really think about it. The interjections we all have in our everyday lives (hmm, well, you know, i think..., ah...) give us time to become what we aren't. How do we know what we aren't? Do you? Do I? Maybe I'm so caught up in a persona, I don't know who I truly am. But isn't that a construct in itself? "Who I truly am." Someone has got to decide that.

"You're looking in all the wrong places lah dude."

p.s. Happy Birthday Aaron.


Anonymous said...

Aye that's simple. Just be honest with yourself and especially what you write on your blog.

Least that's what I used to do on mine. Just shoot your mouth off.

Buuutttt... I guess you're too nice of a person to do that.

ephemeral_thing said...

the best friend speaketh.

i'm beginning to think that i've been put on earth to be your matchmaker.

he is kinda cute. in that literal sense. adorable.

and his mind, i have to admit. is BRILLIANt.

ok i'm gonna go now.

i love you best friend. miss you like i'm going to jump off a cliff.

wait. mebbe i should.

wahahaha. :P

ehque said...

aiii. can you NOT mention my name in the same post as one with a topic like that? it makes for bad press.

haha. what ***I*** think is, msn/sms has let me be who i am, by letting me get over the what-if-i-stick-my-foot-in-my-mouth fears as well as the omg-ms-is-so-pretty-what-do-i-say-to-her thing. how about that for a think?

ehque said...

oh my. ive subconsciously misspelt the name in the above post so you cant recognise who it is!