Saturday, January 28, 2006


So much cleaner this skin, no? I know quite a few people would approve.

Anyway, I realised I havn't posted about my current state of employment. Currently it's from 7.30am to about 3ish in the afternoon, after which I come home to recuperate for a while before I'm off again, whether for music min or, in a couple of weeks, driving lessons. I'm happily enthused by my daytime occupation though, although I suspect it's still smooth going because of the lack of assignments currently due. We'll see by next week. 26+26+19+22 300-word reflections should be interesting.

Last night I watched Sing me a Story at the Esplanade - Lee Macdonald and George Chan, if my memory serves me correctly. Amazing fun. And not a few eye candy moments either, although there is a slightly higher than average possibility that they swing the other way. OH well. Would like to go for more of those though. My long-buried love for theatre is beginning to get restless. Wish I had never quit S&D. Wonder how hard it would be to get into the scene now...

Hmm. Rather truncated, that last paragraph. My words just aren't flowing, which is not good, considering the fact that I'm still not done with my psc essay. I'm actually struggling to finish the FIRST paragraph. I really really really need to start writing again. Oh and I'm so screwed for the duathlon. Gai darling we aren't really competing are we? I'll buy you a sundae when we lose I promise. I cycled 5k yesterday and it took me half an hour because my butt hurt. And then there's the road run. SIGH what was I thinking.

Right. Time for a bath, then painting my nails. No. Bath, dinner, and paint my nails during the movie, which M should be bringing. I now officially have, by the way, 4 other siblings. One's real, that's Babe, then there's M and J, the latter of which is Babe's twin, and K. I'm not sure where she fits in the hierachy, but there you go. Oh and of course Rascal, Teddy and Junior. I'll put up pictures soon enough.

Happy CNY y'all.

RANDOM QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I'm hungry. I want a banana." ~ Alvin of Alvin and the Chipmunks, "Japanese Banana".

p.s. Watching Memoirs on Tues. Havn't read the book (yes, there are books I havn't read) yet so it should be interesting. Plaza Singapura, ehque. *grin.

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Gai said...

I am definitely one of those "people who would approve"