Sunday, January 01, 2006

and a spirit-filled 2006

Happy New Year you all :)

It's been a packed week, and I havnt slept earlier than 12 for the last 5 or so days. Of course the plus side was that I didn't wake up before 8 for most of those days, save Friday of course. I'm a teacher! Woot.

This isn't gonna be a take stock of 2005, here's what to come in 2006 post, but I can hardly avoid saying that we're now planted firmly at the beginning of a brand new, probably life-changing year. There's this sense of tentativeness, of not knowing really what's to come. Of wondering if I did myself justice in the exams that could decide where I go and what I do for the next couple of years, of moments of panic and impatience for the news to just be over and done with so I can start making concrete plans. But also of excitement, of the knowledge that I'm on the cusp of a brilliant life in His Plan even failure can't take away. Of great love, Love I can feel by my side, see in the faces and hear in the laughter and even tears of family and friends. Of great joy, just to be alive, to wake up in the morning to a sparkling day - and an old but new, potentially intimidating but just as exciting destination every Monday to Friday, starting this Tuesday. And just to make tootsie happy, here's my 10 things i want to do before i turn 25 (Random and totally relevant).

1. Drive.
2. Finish uni and be a fully-qualified teacher.
3. Go overseas on my own.
4. See the Youth Min in OLPS grow to fulfil what it's meant to do.
5. Learn to roller blade.
6. Fall in true, everlasting love.
7. Be in a dance troupe, at least for a while.
8. Go for World Youth Day, wherever it is held.
9. Visit Jerusalem.
10. Go to Vatican City, Rome.

Quite do-able really, if you think about it.

Much to do this year, and much to be. But secure in the knowledge that I'm never alone.

G'bye for now folks, off to watch War and Peace. Happy New Year again, and may it be a spirit-filled one for all.

Cuz we're living for the glory of Your Name.

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