Thursday, January 26, 2006


I think at some point in their lives, everybody reaches a stage where the phrase "get your priorities right", previously translated into "stop playing, start studying" becomes a lot more complicated. It happens when responsibilities (and thus privileges) morph from scoring in exams (and going out with friends as a reward) to (almost) real work and many new groups of friends, and the need to maintain old groups of friends as well as responsibility to the family. And it's even more complex when friends feel like family, but you know they aren't. And that family is still family.

And sometimes what you should do isn't the same as what you want to do. Or worse yet, you want to know what you should do, but you also want to do something else at the same time. And you ask yourself, who makes the final decision. Do you finally do something because youhave to, or because you want to. Or do you make yourself want to do things you have to, so that you feel better about it. But then that would mean, eventually, that you're doing things other people want you to do. Which really isn't the best way to live your life. Unless it's God we're talking about, but that's really another issue altogether.

Taking all that into consideration, what happens when priorities clash. Like, when two issues are on the same priority level, and they both demand to be handled. What then? Choose a favourite? Or the one that would seem to need more help. Do we do things we like to do, or things we want to do. Is freedom in the choosing, or the choice? Or is it in what we do with what we have chosen. Is there really and truly freedom there at all?

Nobody ever said it would be a smooth ride.

And just so I remember. I'd rather be lonely single, than unhappily attached. Remind me.

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