Monday, July 24, 2006

And the beat goes on

Just two more pictures, I promise.

Rockstar/crooner/stealerofjcgirls'hearts Rahmat

The Vice-Presidents. We get cuter every year I tell ye.

It's almost August. July just flew by. Got dmy visa done today, and it'll be ready for collection by Thurs. I PASSED MY DRIVING!!! With a mere 12 points. *grinz. Got the bags I'll be bringing with me. Beginning to seriously look for a bargain for a MacBook. Getting nervous and slightly peeved with myself for not settling down and really reading the Chaucer books I've got in my cupboard. And being antsy about not having my reading list/any other sort of news from Cam yet.

Reading blogs of kids who've already left or whose departures are more impending than mine, I wonder how it's really gonna be like.

Nothing earth shattering to say today. Other than I wish they'd stop fighting. They encompassing everybody. If we can't bring ourselves to love, can't we at least bring ourselves to let live?

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