Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Whoop. That just says it all, doesn't it.

Now I won't do a rundown of the prelims, because it'll be depressing for me, and just dead boring for you. So, in summary, it was abysmal. BUT the whole idea is to peak at the As, yes? So peak I will.

Got my first letter from Cambridge today. All it said was to sign a form for data-release, but it felt good anyway, seeing the stamp "airmail" and "CAMBRIDGE". Nice.

My darling senior got me a meego *grinz* and it's really pretty. BUT i can't find it on my msn. As in, according to it's been installed, but according to my msn, it isn't. *scowls*

I'm 19 years and 6 days old. Old. "What a funny word old was on its own, Rahel thought, and said it to herself. Old." Ditto.

And on an almost totally unrelated but somewhat linked note, there's so much to be lived. To do, and to be. Life Rockz.

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