Saturday, September 24, 2005

Here we go

Well the prelims are almost over. I've just got 2 s papers on Monday and that will be that - although after Monday we have exactly (sorry jinx) 42 days to the As, so I suppose I shouldn't relax toooo much. Still, taking no break now would be suicidal, and so I have lined up the following calender of events:

1) Tuesday, 27th Sept: Lunch and ice cream with vidhi darling. Who never fails to make me laugh, even when I want to cry. (And that, love, will have to suffice for a testimonial. At least till after the As.)

2) Wednesday, 28th Sept: Open slot, but I think a class lunch would be nice, what do u guys say? *grinz*

3) Thursday, 29th Sept: Lunch (and very possibly dinner) with tootsie. Whom I absolutely adore, and who has kindly proposed VOLUNTARILY to treat me. (Pay attention other lunchees :p)

4) Friday, 30 Sept: Lunch with jannie, my other bestie from kc. I havn't seen her in AGES. Honestly. Miss ya babe. Maybe a late movie with zid and wz. Maybe.

5) Saturday, 1 Oct: If late movie doesn't work out, maybe lunch. (I don't like maybes. Pfft. But there's still after the As, yes I know. In the meantime work on your affection handling skills darling.)

6) Sunday, 2 Oct: Lunch and a movie with aaron and ps. I want to watch Cinderella Man! Grr.

Yes. So as you can see, Next week would be an almost no-study period. Almost. I'm hoping to slip in some studying so that when I actually do get down to studying on the 3rd, I wouldn't have forgotten EVERYTHING completely. I can hardly believe it's slightly more than a month to the As. It's been 3 years coming, so I guess it's only natural for it to still seem to be forever away.

I honestly honestly can't wait for the As to be over. Not only because of all the things I will be able to do once it is over, but also because I feel like I'm not paying enough attention and giving enough time to things I should be paying more attention and giving more time to. There's Youth Ministry of course, and the lounge linus and I were thinking about. But there's also an idea milling around in my mind - and it has been milling around for some time, about an apologetics youth magazine. You know, kinda like useful defense (and occasionally attack) ammunition. We'll see. And of course 4/7, who have had numerous class get-togethers already this year, but none of which I could go for. I feel immeasurably guilty, and thus propose a Christmas party. Whoop. Whay say you girls? Haha.

My guitar and piano skills have almost totally blown. Apart from angst filled Mozart Sonatas (yes, that is possible) everytime I get thoroughly pissed off at the As or random people, and pounding Beethoven Impromptus which drive my sister and Rascal up the wall, I have hardly been playing. As for guitar - I think it's been reduced to random GCGeDbE patterns, which are hardly any fun alone. I tried to play Classical Gas yesterday and nearly bled myself. Speaking of self-induced pain, I've finally gotten an epilator. I don't think the boys will know what it is, but the girls who do...OUCH. Like major ouch. Sigh, the things we do for vanity.

Right. Back to Shakespeare then. I've got a dread feeling I might actually do better for S paper then Lit and Econs itself, which is in itself horrendously funny, but of no practical use. Ohwell. So is life. I could quote Gloucester here and say "As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods; They kill us for their sport", but I have more faith in my God, and to Him my life is owed. There are many things I don't and will never understand, (and this extends far beyond Keynes and Conrad) but because He lives, life rockz.

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