Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Well ok, it wasn't so bad. I screwed up Maths Paper 1, but there's still Paper 2. Might have answered the second PC question wrong (darn prose), but there's still Papers 4 and 5. AND, the ultimate aim is the As.

So here is my plan, and I'm so gonna stick to it.

While the prelims are on, I'll focus on the prelims. Roy today, and Gothic and Stats tomorrow. Boey on Friday, and Hardy and Stats on Saturday. IM DE and Vectors on Sunday, and a thorough revision of all Macro topics too. Revision of all Maths and Econs on Monday, and on Tuesday I'll do Lit Paper 5 Revision again. Wednesday I'm gonna mug Econs micro in earnest, getting all the theories down. Thursday it'll be Shakespeare, Friday Macro. Saturday the novels, and Sunday whatever notes I may have made. Monday's the last of the prelim papers, and I'm giving myself the rest of the week off. Hint here to ppl who owe me NYDC. Person, actually. Oh and to darling Tootsie and Jannie, yes we'll go out then. And Yazid and Weizhen, I still wanna watch Lords of Dogtown.

1st October though, will spell the beginning of my intensive A level schedule. I mean intensive. Yes I'll still be blogging, yes I might come online sometimes. But I'll still focus - I've finally managed to find a way to stop myself from daydreaming.

In the meantime though, I'll be exercising. 5 pounds off by the end of this month - I'm down 2 already. Jogging really does help. AND it gives me this adrenaline rush. I've still got flabby arms though, but the weight lifting might help.

And by the end of my As, preferably I would have dropped at least 8 pounds. I saw this gorgeous dress which is so mine for Grad - I can fit it already, it's just a bit tight around my hips. So that would be redeeemed, and the dress will be miiiinne. *enter evil laughter*

Right. That's it for today. Good luck everybody for prelims, and overdue uni projects, and mood-swingy selves. It's gonna be a great 19th year.

Something tells me I'm into something good.

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