Sunday, May 01, 2005

Life goes on

Alright, time for updates.

Meet the Parents session: Went well, as did my progress report. On my way to what I want whoopee.

Guitar SYF: TJC's the only college to get Gold with Honours this year. *grinz*

Council Campfire: Was nice. Really. Well, the performances left some things to be desired somewhat, but hey it doesn't really matter - I was there for the company anyway. Dhanaaaaaaaaa why didn't you tell us you were coming earlier huh? haha. And Wan Ni love, I'm sorry about your birthday cake, but you did not confirm you were coming. heh. I don't like my curfews. *sulks*

I'm in the middle of a 3-day weekend, and I've only done one essay. There's a myner on the table in front of me with what looks like Junior's puppy biscuit in his mouth. And while we are at random statements, aaron takes more than 36 hrs to reply a msg.

I'm supposed to be participating in some Cambridge online seminar on the 5th, but the person in charge hasn't contacted me about exactly what's gonna happen. Yet. Haiz.

I'm finally done with my "Literature is erotic because it is always concerned with seducing the reader, Discuss." essay. Now I've got "Can men ever write successfully about women or vice versa?" Argh. Not to mention that Econs essay. I love school.

Me: So. What you doin?
Wan Ni: Nothing. :D
Me: That's probably the most annoying respons you could have come up with.
Wan Ni: No, i could have used this smiley (insert evil grinning smiley) or , i could have said something along the line of "i'm so bored! i've got nothing to do!"

Grr. Gonna go be annoyed and do my essays. Adios mon cheries!

(ahh. the beauty of transnational language.)

Live life till it hurts.

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ehque said...

who me? anyway. what was i here to say? i cant remember. and i dont reply your messages if you sms me while im sleeping... so... 36 hours... thats like, only a morning nap.