Sunday, March 13, 2005

March Hols

I realise I havn't blogged in a while. And havn't suffered any withdrawal symptoms either. Interesting.

Anyway. I have discovered that I'm over any and all of the crushes, major and minor, that I may have or ever had. Woohoo. Over, over, over. Heh. Excuse me while I rejoice a while.

Bought 2 books from mph yesterday: the catcher in the rye, jd salinger, and why i write, george orwell. Finished catcher by 3 today, and half of why i write. No wonder my dad refuses to buy me books - it's such a waste of money. Haha, but I like having my own books. Books are nice. They smell good, they feel good, they tast- ahh no, don't worry, I don't eat my books when I'm done with them.

I just ruined my diet this weekend. Met darling za yesterday and had sticky chewy chocolate sundae for tea. then met ame and chris and had RIBS at cartel. so much ribs that we had to doggy bag them haha. Then today i told myself NO snacking. Which worked till dinner, which technically isn't a snack right? So yeah. I had fish and chips, which is okay in a shaky sort of way, but then I gave in to a heavenly chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. Mmmmmmmm. Arghhhhhh. Im so gonna suck in my swimming costume on monday. *shudders*

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