Sunday, February 27, 2005

I want my uncle toby's muesli bar

I hate it when people clear my room. Just because it's messy doesn't mean I don't know where things are. and it's MY room. And now I don't know where anything is, which sucks when you have a sudden craving for an uncle toby's muesli bar, and it's raining so I cant go buy another one. *sulks*

Just watched saturday night's movie - "Someone Like You". Sweet. Just like "Keeping the Faith". I guess they're supposed to be feel good movies, but they still leave a bittersweet after-taste in the back of your mind.
"The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of."
-Blaise Pascal
The fact that Pascal is male proves that there is still hope for the rest of them. Thank God men aren't like cows. (20 points to anyone who knows what I'm talking about.) Most of them anyway.
It was a pretty ok week - the maths test wasn't too bad, although I think I screwed up Econs again. To quote my GP tutor: "Valerie! Time management!" I can't believe I failed that essay. I think my English is detoriating. My writing skills, anyway. I can't write a short story without cringing at the cliche-ness of my phrasing. Although the ideas are still there. Extremely frustrating. Even GP essays are beginning to stump me. Nooooooooooooooo!!!
I feel like everything I say or think has been said or thought before. Which is immensely depressing, believe me. It's like living a script. Even my songs sound cliche. Ahhhh the horror. I need a change. Something. Anything. Maybe I should invent an alter ego. (Sheesh. Even that's unoriginal.)

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