Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Blog Surfing

I don't want to link anybody, cuz then I'll have too many to link. And besides, it's rude to link people when you don't want them to link you. In addition to that the people I'm about to link don't know I exist. probably a good thing. Judging from their (soon to be) obvious ability to eavesdrop.

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present my 3 most favourite (non-friend) blogs:



Sample :
He stared at me (giving me the exsperated face so many guys like to give me when I insult Jolin/Wong lilin/etc), and asked slowly,

"Thats where you are wrong, yanyan. The beauty of her, lies in her simplicity.""Oh really?", I told him.

"Go date an amoeba then. Can't get simplier than that."


And before you berate me on my supposed lack of taste (yes, i know, what?! xiaxue?!) I wish to emphasize that I DO have a sense of humour. And it DOES enjoy intellectual. Sometimes. Besides, she isnt too bad. Rather endearing. Mr Brown...need I say more? Hilarious. Straight to the point too. AND male. Which is relatively novel, since I don't find many male blogs interesting. (Note to potentially male readers: No darlings, I love your blogs. Honest.) As for In Passing, well, go read it. Especially the earlier posts. Her later posts get a little boring.

If you're into the Iraqi-US war, or if you just want something to be chilled by, check out for a woman's take on things.

And you know what, I'm in a weird mood. I told myself I don't want this to be a mood-influenced blog, but hell it already is. Had a strange dream last night, (no Jordon, not telling :p) and it kinda tainted today. Then again, I always have weird dreams. More weird dreams than good dreams. Which is what's really disturbing me I guess.

Yesterday was good though. For the record, my cousins are adorable.

Gonna sleep. Hopefully the sweet dreams do come.

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