Sunday, March 20, 2005

10 hours to Term 2

Can you believe it? The march hols are over. OVER. sigh. Shaddup Jordon.

Today was fairly productive. Finished the PC paper Hunter gave us, but took a little longer than the 3 hours I was supposed to take. Just a teeny weeny bit more time. Really.

I can't believe the hols are over. What is the point of a one week holiday when all we can do with it is finish our homework? Huh? HUH??? Ok, well I admit i did a bit more than that. Monday was a blur. Let's see. Went out with my darling cousins on Tuesday, had lunch at Burger King, watched Hitch, splurged at Macs on Oreo McFlurries. Wednesday had lunch at NYDC, then guitar, Thursday went shopping with my mum and Friday was mum's birthday so we spent the day hunting for white lab puppies. (If anybody knows of some, tell me k?) Yesterday was pretty ok, did most of my work in the morning, but went lab hunting in the afternoon again, and spent the evening with my godbrother and his fiancee. Today was by far the most productive, although I only finished 2 essays - that's more than I've done in the entire week. Which tells you exactly how productive the rest of the week was.

Reading random blogs, I realize the most boring thing a blogger can do is tell you about his/her week. So just ignore my last paragraph.

Have you noticed a difference between most girl and guy blogs? Singaporean at least. We tend to have the same general problems, and thus the same issues to whine about. Guys tend to have...very descriptive blogs. Not neccessarily (I probably spelt that wrong) detailed, but descriptive. So you know exactly what happened, why, to whom, when, and the results. Girls on the other have very emotive blogs. Emotion-filled, short briefs of conversations held, excerpts of songs, more of the inner psyche thing. Of course, it's a generalisation. Some guys sound like girls on their blogs. And some girls...well, no. For some reason, I can usually tell when it's a girl blog. Then there are the blogs which are in between. Which refuse to follow the guyorgirl route. Which pride themselves on being neutral, informative and officious. These blogs we skip.

I can feel the holidays slipping away. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

When school starts, I get to start it in the pool. Bedok Swimming Complex to be exact. I look terrible in my swimming costume. *sulks*

And you know, no matter how much we shrug it off, laugh about it, pretend it isn't there, it is. It's coming. The As. And we're getting closer and closer. I side-stepped last year, but this year I'm gonna be plunging straight in. Without a life vest. No fear. Just TERROR. Nothing to worry about, no? I work best under pressure anyway. Adrenaline-rush. Hopefully it doesnt poison me or something. Heh.

I want fish and co. Haha. I love the fries. And the cream. And the fish. Fish and chips. Mmmm. Brilliant. I'm salivating. Yes, I know you didn't need to know that. Still.

Is anybody else's blogger in Chinese? Mine is. Bloody hell. I know I should keep my Mandarin up to scratch, but being forced to navigate blogger in it is hell. Grr. If anybody knows how to help me, please do. I'll be indebted. You might even get lunch.

Why do I blog like someone's reading? For all I know, it's just me Ok, I know some people read. But nobody tags. *nudge* *sharper nudge* *kick in shins* It's depressing, y'know? Cut me some slack here.

Right. Back to the homework then. I can't wait for the As to be over. 6 months of freedom, here I come.

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