Friday, September 08, 2006


(no, shane, i did not.)

am blogging on my pretty new white macbook, yippeeee.

A couple of things irk me about it though. The lack of 'home' and 'end' keys, for one, and the glaring absence of the 'delete' key. My tendency to constantly rephrase things I type makes it very annoying to have to rely on the paltry arrow keys to move around in my document.

Tried safari for a couple of days, and decided I still prefer Firefox. Tabs are addictive.

I need to find those mac stickies. Or is someone pulling my leg again?

Time flies, doesn't it. It's the 9th tomorrow, and I'm spending most of it at Sentosa. Am struggling to finish marking the kids' scripts in time. I really do feel bad, I know how annoying it is to have done essays and not get them back quickly. No excuses, will finish it. *nods. (And that snow patrol cd bribe is working too, heh.)

I realised that I spent most of my life just experiencing, and am only now able to synthesize and make sense of 'life', in the general sense of the word. I remember reading a poem sometime last year that expressed it perfectly. Something about a girl and water...I think it was Plath. Or maybe not. Gahhhh it's bugging me.

Not really in a blogging mood...going to go finish off a class of essays now. whoop. sigh.

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