Friday, September 15, 2006

Post #200

"Welcome to unteenagedom". So says Alicia of the "argh noooo it's Val nooo go away" fame. Kinda miss 4/7, now that I think about it, heh.

Anyway. Aaron you FORGOT. I'm hurt, distraught, destroyed,miffed, shattered, etc.

Here's how my marking stands: I've finished ALL comprehensions, AQs and journal entries. I've only got 2 classes of essays left to mark. I'm very proud of myself. I still want that snow patrol cd.

I've only got 10 days left. That's not much time now,is it? Here's how I've spent my week. On monday I spent a beautiful beautiful day with tootsie. We explored arab street! And discovered this quaint little punk record store (haha quaint little punk). And had a flaming platter in Manhatten Fish Market, which I'll be bringing you to nessa. Argh why is there no end key on the mac. It's quite impossible to describe days out with toot. Things just happen and we're just there and it's just perfect. Haha yes babe actually we do sound like a couple when talking about this huh haha. I loooooooove you.

Tuesday I had lunch with aaron. Yes aaron, the ingrate who has ONCE AGAIN forgotten my birthday. How hard is it to remember you tell me? (Yes, you yazid.) I like Essential Brew. Everybody, if at a loss for new,reasonable place to eat in Holland V, go to Essential Brew. Oh and their cheesecakes are to DIE for. The clown has me hooked on Terry Pratchett. Bad timing, seeing as I've yet to start on any book in my reading list. Hoho ohh I'm screwed.

Then it was meeting family friends tuesday night, my godpa on wednesday, Mime wednesday night and Forbidden City as a treat for my birthday.


Cute actors too hehe I'm keeping the programme.

Today? Today was spent marking what I hadn't finished marking intermittently on buses and trains in the last 2 weeks, and meeting Uncle Philip and Aunty Jenny, who've a daughter studying hospitality in Switzerland. I think it calmed my mum down a little. I hope. After that...marking again. Gonna have to leave to meet Hafiz and Dhana soon though.

Edit at 11.34pm: Hafiz and Dhana and Ivan and Alex and Royston and Yazid. Much fun :)

Eek chasing cars thankyoushanethankyoushane

You know, I havn't quite dealt with the fact that I'm leaving yet. I mean, I've been meeting people everyday, and will be till the day I leave. The time in between I'm marking (yes I know my fault I'm slow sighhh.) and running mini errands. I havn't packed, havn't compiled an address book. Havn't written notes I wanted to write, havn't bought books I need to buy. Don't have a matriculation outfit, havn't planned what I want to bring for my room. Havn't taken pictures, don't have many pictures. Havn't opened my nano or imported songs into my mac. Don't have accomodation for the first day I'm there since Trinity'll only be ready on the 27th. (That's a valid panicNOW point right there.) I'm not prepared. Mentally or physically or emotionally. There's this dull throbbing fear, in combat with a bright clear 'don't WORRY you'll be FINE'. Which is beginning to sound brightly, clearly brittle. My brain hasn't quite come to terms with the fact that, aside from the seniors and fellow freshers I've met at various cumsa things in the last couple of weeks, and that's not many and I'm bad at names/faces (most people are bad at names OR faces. I'm bad at BOTH.) I'll know no one there. Which is fine, really. I don't usually have too hard a time making friends. But. It's still scary. Scare stories of unfriendly british kids don't help either. OHwell I suppose it's not much good worrying. Life rockz et al.

Right. That's about it then. Not vaguely poetic, this second centurial post. But then I'm not feeling vaguely poetic, just blog-ish. I shall go now. Toodeloo.

She's a must to avoid, a complete impossibility. ~The Herman's Hermits

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