Saturday, November 19, 2005

I'm Back!

And yes, I know it's not quite December yet. But there's way too much time to the next paper, and I'm bored. So hello blogders, it's me again.

(Cool background music, yes? I wanted Katie Melua's Just Like Heaven, but I can't find it. If anybody does, pass it to me yeah.)

So about the As. Maths Paper 1 was fun, Paper 2 was madness (but primarily because I forgot the variance formula for uniform distribution, and was too peeved to focus properly after that.) I screwed up the GP essay - took 45 minutes on the bloody introduction, but compre was alright. Econs was surprisingly do-able, I actually FINISHED the case study. I've never done that before. Ne-ver. Lit PC on the other hand, was disappointing. Comparing poems was entertaining, but I feel like I didn't do the drama properly. Felt like too much narration, rather than argument. Next up? Gothic on Thurs, BoeyHardyRoy on Fri, Econs S on Mon and Lit S on Tues. Then...FREEDOM. (shut up all you sniggering finishedAlevel/finishingAlevelbeforeme people.)

So yes. And in anticipation of euphoria, I went out last night. (I heard the *gasp*. Stoppit. I'm not THAT much of a recluse.) Had jap dinner at ps's restaurant (no she doesn't own it but it's my blog so I get to call it what I want) then watched Just Like Heaven with ps, aaron, minghui and jeron. The movie's damn sweet lah. Perfect date movie. Unfortunately I wasn't on one, and havn't been on one for an uncomfortably long period of time. Hmm. After the As, I guess. I am, however, neither predatory nor whateveritistheycalledthegirldownstairs. I suppose I'm just gonna have to be patient. Morons.

Grad. Gradgradgrad. It's on. No thanks to lots of isupposevarietymakestheworldgoround people. I've got the dress! And it's pweeeety. Now I need the shoes and the accessories. Post A retail therapy excuse. Hehe. Speaking of Post A, there's a ton of things I want to do. But lunch calls. Delicious curry chicken. Yay Mum. Ttyl darlings...ohhhh and be prepared for a new look. Soon. *grinz*

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