Saturday, November 26, 2005

3 days

to freedom.

Paper 4 and 5 was surprisingly enjoyable. Now for the S papers. And THEN...FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I just might enjoy that. I've already got it all planned. (Yes, I'm an incurable list maker.)

29th Nov: Harry Potter with the sister in the afternoon
30th Nov: Get all school stuff sorted out. Clear Study room, pick up dresses.
1st Dec: Clear bedroom. Start on Christmas Cards.
2nd Dec: Possibly PS's choir concert.
3rd Dec: Jason and Caroline's Wedding.
4th Dec: Possibly Love Circle Outing
5th Dec: Grad Nite!
6th Dec: Sign up for driving with Toot. Gift shopping.
7th Dec: Finish Christmas Cards. Lunch and a movie with vid and zid.
8th - 11th Dec: Youth in the Spirit Seminar
12th Dec: Gift shopping. Put up Christmas decorations.
13th Dec: Movie with Jannie (and Chris and Pris?)
14th Dec: Air Hunting!
15th Dec: Gift shopping.

Hmmmm. That's as far as I've gone. Although possibly an NYF party sometime...maybe after Christmas. And a zoo outing with the cat kids. (Well, we're all 19. But still.)

I can't wait. Whahahaha. Definitely not gonna be at a loss for things to do after a while. Speaking of which...

Things to do:
1. Sign up for driving lessons
2. Sign up for french lessons
3. Start with piano again
4. Sign up for jazz/tap lessons
5. Get that Fitness for Dummies book
6. Pick up a couple of jazz standards
7. Look for Catho lit books
8. Check out the National Library! Find some Chaucer, Pinter, and Greek plays.
9. Finish the books I've got but havn't read
10. Youth Min! Finally.
11. Get started on that story that's been running around in my head.

I've got about a thousand and one things more, like drama and learning malay too, and I've got a whole glorious 6-ish months! Add to that possible educational stints in certain favourite places which I won't name till it's confirmed, and it's gonna be FANTABULOUS!

Woot. Gonna go focus on the last two papers now. Later kids.

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