Monday, April 11, 2005

Not sad. Just mixed up.

about so many things. People. relationships. Friendships gone sour. People. people people.

To quote vas, the trouble with the world today is...we think too much.

I've done nothing, absolutely nothing the last 2 weeks. I need...I don't know what I need. But whatever it is, I don't have it.

I shouldnt be sad...cuz I'm not supposed to be sad right? I'm the life rockz person. The eternal optimist. The girl who would marry...nvm who I'll marry. Stop sniggering zaeunice&siying. But then, sometimes there's a limit to how much someone can take. And sometimes that limit comes when things you believed in, people you once trusted, and issues you once held sacred, ring false, betray your trust, and are violated respectively. Sometimes the limit comes when you can't ignore the rest of your world, when you can't block things out like you could before, when you can't seem to find someone who would listen and understand. Sometimes it comes when you're yelling "Leave me alone", when all you really want is to break down in someone's arms.

But whatever. I know I'm delusional. So just leave me alone.

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eunice said...

hey.sorry if we have been making fun of you a little of late.about changi prison,rapists and all.(:
guess sometimes we tend to forget that val "liferocks" nunis is human after all and has the right to sulk,whine and be upset.haha* take care you,dont worry too much about things.enjoy life,because it does ultimately still rocks.*hugs*