Sunday, April 10, 2005

I don't know what's wrong with me.
I've been failing every gp essay since the beginning of the year.
And not just just failings either.
Marks like 19 out of 50.
What's wrong with me?
Mental block? Inertia?
Or is the theory that I was only doing well in gp because it was the only thing I could do well in the last 2 years true?
Hell. I don't know.
And it's bloody scary. When you can't even pass the one thing you thought you knew you could ace.
Wonder how my parents will react when they see my gp grade in a couple of weeks.
I know what I'll do. I'll explain it away, promise them a higher grade, smile throughout dinner,
then cry myself to sleep.
In the meantime though, I'll be smiling in school tomorrow.

1 comment:

za~ said...

babe, you don't be so hard on yourself. you know as well as i do that you're going to bounce right back up and score when it matters. everyone has their ups and downs.. even shakespeare suffered writer's block.

AND there's absolutely no need to smile if you don't feel like it. whine, cry, break down. because we're all-weather friends who'll be there for you no matter what your mood. so cut the pretence, you hear me?!!

love ya lots. *hug*