Sunday, December 16, 2007

It was a beautiful day

With things which reminded us nothing could be perfect.

More snow than I've seen in my life, more fear on the top of a slope than I've felt in my life, more tears than I'm proud of, more happiness than I thought actually doing it...and more comfort drawn from the clowns than I thought possible :)

Skiing was...not less terrifying than I thought it'd be, knowing I never was comfortable with heights, speed, and diminished control...which is exactly what skiing combines. It took me to the last day to dare to trust me, and helluva lot of patience on the Jons' part (one more than the other, but heyyy sometimes one needs yelling to get things done ;))

Am quite gutted my camera died on me, and also that I didn't pick actual skiing up fast enough to actually go skiing with the boys - probably something that's gonna take me some time to get over. There's really nothing more frustrating than knowing you could if you would, but that you won't because you're just too stupidly scared. Sitting inside watching people on the slopes was, well, not fun. And then being bored out of my mind on the magic carpet, but close to tears at the idea of another steep slope. But then the feeling of skiing down the slope I'd taken my skis off and walked down a couple of days before was nothing short of amazing. It really was a shame it was only on the last day...but then, now I can really say I want to go back next year. And I didn't, two days ago.

Also, I've got a proper injury. Ow, my knee. :D

Learnt more than skiing this week, too. Lessons I guess it's about time I decided to retain.

Was it fantastic? Well, no, there were disappointments. But mostly of my own making. And I had the best time with the best friends I have here. So yes, I'll be going back. Varsity 2008, we'll be there :)

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