Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dear friend I love you

are your sheets warm tonight?

Last days are funny things. Last days of term, last days of months, last days of week(days), last days in places, last days of places. Kind of like, ends of beginnings, but beginnings of ends.

I've had an...interesting term. Learnt much, lived much, loved much. And really, what more could be asked?

And in the spirit of beginnings and ends...

The view from my old room at dusk

My new room in the morning

Here's to Advent, Christmas, and the New Year.

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kon said...

Dear Val,

I am so happy that I made a meassurable part of what you have lived out this term! I think that you are amazing (maybe a bit to shy when it comes to dancing with me) but that is the only fault that I would be able to come up in a million years. Have the best of holidays, and a Happy New Year- new begining.

Lots of love xx

P.S. I should be droping in later today, maybe give you a box to keep for me! Is that still ok? x