Saturday, October 28, 2006

A day in the life.

Just so you can all laugh at me.

Woke up today at 7, turned the alarm clock off and slept till 9. Woke up in a panic and made it down IN TIME to meet the other englishians at the great gate for our lecture at 10. I was quite impressed with myself. Lectures were brilliant, as usual. We did Freud today in the Intro to 20th and 21st Century Lit Theory lecture, and the concept of England and Englishness in our Renaissance theme one. Then I head back for lunch in college.

The Plan was to work till 430, and then go punting (google it) with a bunch of the englishians. So we work, yes, then make our way to The Backs, where the punts are. Only to find that they've CLOSED it, because it LOOKED like it was going to rain. Pfft. So I go off to Deborah's room (I should really get down to uploading pictures, shouldn't I), and read till dinner. Which was...some fish thing. It being Friday.

And THEN I go back to my room to work again (I know, exhilarating.) till 9ish, when I go down to the college bar for a nice light drink. Light. Had 2. Was nice. And THEN fiona and I get convinced by these three silly boys, one from Trinity, one from Kings and one from Queens (these are all colleges in Cambridge, yes.) to go night punting. NIGHT PUNTING. So we did.

Which was fine, till silly boy from Trinity decides he wanted to punt. And only tells us after he's swapped with original punter (boy from Kings) that he's never done it before. So, naturally, at some point before Clares' bridge, he loses the punt pole. And we have to paddle with our HANDS to find it. Bear in mind, darlings, that it's FREEZING. And pitch black. Our HANDS. In unknown waters. We found it, amazingly enough. But were also very wet, because at some point the punt had tilted, and, again quite naturally, water had come in. So all our jeans were SOAKED. As you can imagine, it was cold. And wet. Did I mention cold?

Survived, though. And am now in my room, after a nice WARM bath, swaddled with a sweater and socks and a nice WARM mug of milk. I think I shall sleep early tonight. Going running tomorrow at 730 with Fiona. Should be fun.

The LAST time I went running here (day before yesterday) was NOT so fun, because stupid me agreed to go with jon and jon (yes, yes. pictures.). They tried to KILL me. Well no. Jon didn't. The other Jon did. Never again.

So yes. Sleep calls. My bed's looking deliciously WARM. And Vidhi's coming tomorrow, whoop! Halloween party tomorrow night as well. What should I go as...hmm.

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