Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bloody Greeks.

Granted, this is Marlowe's take on the story. I'm much amused,and thus quite disturbed at myself.

Dido: Live, false Aeneas! Truest Dido dies;
Sic, sic juvat ire sub umbras. (So, so, it is my choice to go beneath the shades_

Throws herself into the flames.

Anna: O, help, Iarbas! Dido in these flames
Hath burnt herself! Ay me, unhappy me!

Iarbas: Cursed Iarbas, die to expiate
The grief that tires upon thine inward soul! -
Dido, I come to thee. - Ay me, Aeneas!

Kills himself.

Anna: What can my tears or cries prevail me now?
Dido is dead!
Iarbas slain, Iarbas my dear love!
O sweet Iarbas, Anna's sole delight!
What fatal Destiny envies me thus,
To see my sweet Iarbas slay himself?
But Anna now shall honour thee in death,
And mix her blood with thine. This shall I do,
That gods and men may pity this my death,
And rue our ends, senseless of life or breath:
Now, sweet Iarbas, stay! I come to thee.

Kills herself.

And the idiot Aeneas who caused this whole suicide orgy sails away to become the founder of Rome. Bah.

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