Sunday, August 27, 2006

So I have a dream.

And in this dream we're actually doing something. Not talking about it, or wishing we were, or thinking about it, but doing something. And not on our own, subject to mood swings, bad judgement or lack of commitment, but with a mentor. A director who knows what he's talking about, and wants to give us that knowledge too.

We choose songs because they add to the Mass, not take away from. We play and sing to add to worship, not distract from. We worship.

We aren't just singing and playing. We are moving and changing. There's more to this Mass than a different type of songs. There is continuity, we look forward to the next.

We don't need to be avant-garde. Or to impress anyone. We serve in humility, and in the knowledge of Christ's Church's teachings.

We are spontaneous. Hierachy and its redtape exists only as much as we allow it to. We work organically, each person at least aware of the other. But we maintain a sense of awe, and the sacredness of the Mass is not compromised.

We aren't just about the music. We learn about our Faith. We learn about each other. We form a Christian community, where Christian is emphasised. We don't make fun of differences or weaknesses, or insist on conformity. Healthy relationships flourish.

We come from all over, all the Parishes. We are small, mobile and focused. We have a mission, and spread it. We are flexible, because our raison d'etre is the mission, not a person. Leaders are nurtured and given a chance. We keep our eyes on Christ.

We want to inflame, and ignite. We want to live the Truth. We want others to say, "Look at how they love each other". We want to be witnesses, just by being.


In exactly a month's time, it'll be the first day of Trinity's International Freshers' Week. And for the next three years, there won't be the permanancy common sense tells me is necessary to make dreams become reality. But almost nothing that's happened in my spiritual life thus far is common sense, and so I hold on to the hope that that isn't a mere dream.

Thus breaks the 3 month long spell of parched, starved, indifferent spirituality.

For as long as I shall live, I will testify to Love.

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