Monday, August 07, 2006


No I havn't been drinking, but this is probably how it feels like. My brain feels like cotton wool, I've got a throbbing pain under my right eye, everything's a little hazy and all I want to do is put my head back down and sleep.

Which I can't, because previously-mentioned-bald-notbadatflirting colleague will throw a cushion at me. Again.

And no Shane, there's nothing I'm smoking you could possibly have.

Miffed at a class which bargains for a week's extension of a deadline and then ignores it.

I love National Day, for more than the normal patriotic (I am, ok) reasons this time round. Half day tomorrow, public holiday on wednesday, and bliss! School holiday on Thursday. (Hehe. Yes Shaun you may be almost midweek, but there's no way you can beat a 2seperatedby3holidaysworkingdayweek.)

Gahhhh my head hurts. Sleeping at 3am was probably not very intelligent. And asmuchas I think I wouldnt have been able to sleep earlier, I probably would've, if I had lied down. But I guess everyone needs some brooding time. Now that I've discovered the reason for the brooding (and anxietyattacks) things have taken a (psychological) upturn.

There are too many parenthesis(es? parentheses?) in this entry.

OH but I did ONE productive thing during the weekend. I catalogued ALL the books I owned, and checked if I had read all of them. I had, and also discovered that a lot of books I have read I didn't own. And most of my book-reading happened in KC, less due to the literary culture there than to the fact that I just couldn't do any more significant reading after. For FOUR YEARS. And here I am, off to do an English degree in Cam. And I havn't read anything particularly impressive since I was SIXTEEN. This would normally be the point in the entry where I vow to go home and finish the Wife of Bath, or start on Paradise Lost (which I was supposed to buy but didn't), but my realism (yes, it does show up now and then) tells me with the kind of consciousness I'm currently in possession off, read:barelyinpossession, that would hardly be possible, let alone plausible.

And as such, there are a few things left to say, before I go back to doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

Toot: Next month, that fish place, ok?
Vid: You ARE decent you little idiot. MORE than decent. If you aren't decent where does that leave ME?
Shane: 3 days. Starbucks.
Shaun: I've got 2 days of work this week lalalaalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Jinx: let's go out. soon. with libbo.
sy: tomorrowwwwwwwwww. and i love you too.
Veera: After much consideration, I've come to the candid conclusion (oooh alliteration) that it is NOT my fault. *scowl.
Irwin: there you go. mentioned by name.
Marko: Cookieeeeeeeeeeee.
Aaron: I demand to know why I'm not in your will. I put up with you for FOUR YEARS, and I'm not in your will. I am HURT. DISTRAUGHT. DAMAGED BEYOND REPAIR. DESTROYED. SHATTERED. ETC. And thus you're treating come Tuesday.
Ajyt: Bahhh floorball. Scowl. You get to treat me too then.

Umm. I don't think anyone else reads this blog. Which is quite sad. But there we go. C'est la vie. Nowww to marking.

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