Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just more than halfway

And still not there yet.

Internship applications, essays, portfolios, deadlines, dissertations, tickets, being around, being involved, perfection, ability, trying hard enough, being uninvolved, falling away, inability, just basically sleeping through everything...and sometimes it all amounts to too much. Though technically, it never really is. And that's the frustrating thing. That it can never be too much. And so I can never not handle it. And therefore shouldn't need anyone around. Because I have Someone. The One.

And though that gives enough comfort to keep me sane, I guess I'm not strong enough for that to give enough comfort, period, though it should. It probably does. It actually does. I just wish there was someone who knew, too.

I miss you, best friend.

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Anonymous said...

chanced upon this, while doing some research on boey kim cheng, sudder street! did u do that for the As too?

Wow. Cambridge!!
im thinking of LSE. haha.
Do you do special papers? How did u win them over?