Friday, June 15, 2007

It's funny, she thought, how you unconsciously give up trying. How slowly, but surely, you learn to look away, fight back the tears, swallow the pain, and deal. How quickly you discover an ability to make friends and then watch them walk away, all the time struggling not to run after, knowing that they're really happier moving on. Funny too, how rapidly people forget promises of everlasting friendship, of offers of interest, of time. Time is funny, the way it belongs to everyone, but is never satisfactorily yours. Funny how nothing ever actually seems satisfactorily yours. Not time, not friends, not love. They belong to everyone. And sometimes to someone. But never, really, you. So you share - not always gracefully, but nobody seems to notice anyway. It's so easy to be, unnoticed. Of course everyone's aware you're there, and almost definitely if you weren't, someone would say they wished you were. Since you are though, there's no need for that. It's funny, she thought, how you unconsciously give up trying...but never consciously give up.

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mbou said...

Yeah, I totally agree. It is terribly easy to be unnoticed. It's a good read and it inspired my next blog post.