Friday, December 02, 2005

blackbird fly

The Beatles rock I tell you. And Herman's Hermits. And Sgt. Peppers. And Gilbert O'Sullivan. The list goes onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Like most of my plans, things to do for the last 3 days just did not come through. Fortunately though, they were a blast anyway. I've been...let's see. Shopping. Shopping. And oooooh Shopping. I've got this absolutely adorably pleated denim skirt, and this oh so feelgood white v-neck blouse with a lace back. Now to get my dad to let me wear it...

Then there's Jase's wedding tomorrow. I've finally decided on the list of songs to play for the reception, and the flutist came over yesterday so we've got the two performance songs worked out. Still really nervous though. Eeeeak so much for being comfortable in front of crowds. What I'm really looking forward to is the atmosphere. I love Eurasian weddings...everybody's determined to have fun. Then Clarke Quay at night, and the possibility of jamming...tomorrow's gonna be so nice.

What I'm actually supposed to be doing now is clearing up my study room. And when I'm done with that, my bedroom. Both don't look very appealing. Or do-able, for that matter. Exactly what am I supposed to do with 3 years of painstakingly crafted notes? Just THROW them away??? And what about all those messages (like Val, lifesuckz) and roar. and I rock (not me, usually). Disregard? *sob*

Well I should really get cracking, shouldn't I. And all those christmas cards to write. Christmas! I loooove christmas :)

p.s. the As are over. And I've got a job for next year. And 3 conditional offers. Woot. *grinz*

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