Wednesday, June 08, 2005

There's so much more to life than this. No this isn't going to be a whining post. But I sure as hell can't wait for the As to be over, just so that I can be. Just be. And live. Without the guilt of not studying or whatever. Somehow when you lose the status of student, certain boundaries dissolve.

Of course, life after school isnt all it's cut out to be. Everybody says once you're working you really miss schooling. But right now, logic isn't making sense to me. Ever had the feeling of physically wanting to break loose? Yeah. Dangerous feeling. No cause for it either. No immediate cause anyway. It's just a built up tension, resulting in me taking it out on the pool or track. Still not healthy though.

And you know what's really depressing? No matter what, everything's going to remain fake and contrived. Even if i DO get that scholarship. Even if i DO get to where I want to go. It's a short burst of freedom, followed by a stifling by procedures and expectations. There's no where to go but up...but eventually you're gonna hit the ceiling. And wake up with a tremendous headache.

This is, I suppose, where religion and spirituality come in. There at least I know there are unimaginable depths to be explored, and experiences to encounter. There at least I see the authenticity I don't get from mere life. It's a challenge, intellectually and spiritually, to defend what I know to be true. And there at least, but perhaps most importantly, I'm beginning to know true satisfaction.

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